Red Sox Trade Marco Scutaro


Yesterday, the Red Sox made some progress in their pursuit to create a better starting rotation. The Sox traded shortstop Marco Scutaro to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for pitcher Clayton Mortenson. This is the second shortstop the Red Sox have traded this off-season. The other one was Jed Lowrie. This means that Mike Aviles and Nick Punto will most likely be playing shortstop this season. The main point of this trade wasn’t to acquire Mortenson, but it was to trade away Scutaro to free up salary cap room. The Sox freed up approximately $6MM, according MLB TradeRumors. With new freedom with the salary cap, the Red Sox can intensify their pursuit of Roy Oswalt, arguably the best available starting pitcher in free agency at this time. Yesterday, the Red Sox also avoided arbitration with Daniel Bard, who will most likely be converting to starter this year. The Red Sox signed him to a one-year, $1.6125MM contract. Last season he pitched 2.88 ERA, according to MLB TradeRumors. There still are some question marks on the Red Sox rotation, said GM Ben Cherington, but these moves will help remove some of them.

Reaction: Bobby Valentine

After learning more about Bobby Valentine, I think that he will bring a much more demanding force to the team. Instead of protecting players the way Terry Francona did with Josh Beckett, who was said he couldn’t start because of intestinal turmoil (in other words, he was out at the bar too late the previous night), Bobby Valentine will throw the time the blood thirsty media, which will help straighten out the players. It will be interesting to watch how the some of the players will react to this new attitude, but part of the reason for last season’s collapse was because the players were lacking a fear for failure. When I say this, I mean the Red Sox did not have the same driving force of fear that other teams had because Francona was softer on the players. Francona will be missed dearly in Boston, but I hope that Bobby Valentine can push the players to a World Series Championship.

Bobby Valentine Jokes

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Bobby Valentine to Red Sox

Thursday morning, the Boston Red Sox officially introduced their new manager Bobby Valentine. The decision was between Bobby and Gene Lamont, and the Red Sox went with the former Mets coach Bobby Valentine. Valentine is going to be a bit of a change for Boston who is used to Terry Francona’s quieter ways. Valentine communicates more openly and is a bit harder on the players. The Red Sox were originally interested in Dale Sveum, but he was snatched up by the Cubs before the Red Sox could get their hands on him. Bobby Valentine has a lot of work to do, after the Red Sox’s epic collapse last season.