Two a Day: Patriots Free Agency Preview 1/25

Now that the Patriots season has come to an unfortunate end, it’s time to look ahead towards free agency, which starts on March 12th.

To begin, let’s take a look at the Patriots on the current roster who are set to become unrestricted free agents this year.


Sebastian Vollmer: Vollmer has been pestered by injuries in the past, but this year he was able to start 15 games, and remained an anchor in the Patriots offensive line. The 6 feet 8 inch, 320 pound offensive tackle has maintained steady protection during the time he has been healthy. Offensive line is a top priority in New England in order to keep Tom Brady safe, so Vollmer is an important player for the Patriots to resign. New England will most likely get a deal done with the 4th year player from Germany before free agency begins, but if they are unable to successfully negotiate a new deal, it’s possible that the Patriots will place the franchise tag on Vollmer; that is, if they have already dealt with Welker and Talib. Vollmer is a seriously underrated tackle who can play both the right and the left side, as we saw this year, so it is important to get a long term deal done with him.


Danny Woodhead: Checking in at 5 feet 8 inches, the Patriots running-back Danny Woodhead is probably the most well rounded back on the team, as well as a fan favorite. Woodhead can run up the middle, take it to the outside, block, catch out of the backfield, and even line up on the line of scrimmage. He is incredibly versatile, and definitely fits the bill as a Belichick-type player. Woodhead’s role has taken a little bit of hit in the past year with the emergence of young running-backs Stevan Ridley, and Shane Vereen, so now he is used mostly as a third-down back, but he has proven that he can convert on third and long situations. Although he is not a necessity to the football team, the Patriots will probably bring Woodhead back if the price is right.

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