Brandon Lloyd Will Fix the Only Major Hole in the Patriots Offense

ImageAfter having a very quiet offseason so far, it was confirmed Saturday that New England Patriots had signed Brandon Lloyd for a three year, 12 million-dollar contract, according to ESPN. This is definitely a bargain, given that two years ago Brandon Lloyd led the NFL in receiving yards. Pierre Garçon, who is arguably not as good as Lloyd, signed a five year, 42 million-dollar contract with the Washington Redskins. Through out the off-season, Lloyd expressed his desire to sign with the Patriots and be united with his former head coach in Denver, and offensive coordinator in St. Louis, Josh McDaniels. McDaniels was Lloyds head coach in Denver the year Lloyd led the NFL in yards.

This is definitely good news for the Patriots. All though their offense was excellent last year, they lacked a deep threat receiver to spread the field. This made it more difficult for Wes Welker and the Boston TE Party to get open in the middle of the field. Lloyd has good size and athleticism, and will hopefully fix that hole in the offense. The Patriots have had trouble spreading the field ever since Randy Moss was traded part way through the 2010 season. Lloyd has slowly developed into a good deep threat under Josh McDaniels.

It will be exciting to see Lloyd, Welker, Gronkowski, and Hernandez lining up together, with Tom Brady running the offense. It will give the Patriots more freedom to not only run two tight end schemes. I expect to see some of the same things on offense, and a lot of new ones too, because of Lloyd and McDaniels. Lloyd really fixes the only whole in New England’s passing attack. If they could get a more consistent running game, the Patriots offense could become one of the best in NFL history. This move could definitely help the Patriots get back to the Super Bowl, and hopefully win it this time.

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