Reaction: Patriots 41, Broncos 23

The New England Patriots won the AFC East division with a win over the Denver Broncos today, 41 to 23, in Denver. The Patriots could have clinched with a win or a Jets loss, and they got both. It was a good effort on both sides of the ball and the defense showed some improvement, especially in the pass rush. Although, the defense was very shaky in the first quarter, allowing an extensive amount of long plays. They had a better second third and fourth quarter though. The Patriots sacked Denver Quarterback four times, even though there could have been more if Tebow wasn’t so quick and evasive. Also, the Patriots figured out how to prevent Tebow Time in the fourth quarter; score lots of points. New England’s offense showed on array of ways to score, with a passing touchdown each to Ochocinco and Hernandez, a rush by Brady, with an excellent spike afterwards, and a rush by Green-Ellis and Woodhead. There was great production by a Tight End, but not the one we have been accustomed to seeing play outstandingly most of this year. Aaron Hernandez stepped in to fill the roll of Rob Gronkowski, given that Rob was double covered most of the day. Hernandez had 9 receptions for 129 yards and one touchdown. He showed of his speed and outstanding jukes throughout the afternoon. The Patriots showed the high quality of the offense against a great Broncos defense who had led the Broncos to six straight victories, previous to this loss.

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