Celtics Off-Season


Yesterday the Celtics made a couple of big moves, trading forward Big Baby Davis to the Orlando Magic, in exchange for Magic forward Brandon Bass. The Celtics have also been talking about signing Hornets forward David West. West just had ACL surgery, but would have been one of the top free agents if not for that. These two players will add more size to the Celtics, who are in desperate need of some guys who are tough in the paint. Bass and West would also help Kevin Garnett by giving him more time to rest during the compressed 66 game season. I think these were both good moves by the Celtics, who are trying to make at least one more title run with the Big Three.
*picture from http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Brandon+Bass/David+West/Dallas+Mavericks+v+New+Orleans+Hornets+Game/G1CI5f-lC-D*

3 thoughts on “Celtics Off-Season

  1. colby says:

    i know nothing about the people exept BIG BABY! we need to keep him cause he has heart!

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