Trade?: Chris Paul for Rajon Rondo

Although the chances are very slim, I think the Celtics should make this trade if they are willing to give up Rondo. The only real problem with this is that Chris Paul is in the last year of his contract, so if he didn’t sign with the Celtics for longer, we would have wasted Rondo. Even that might not be a huge problem though, given that Garnett and Allen will probably retire next year and if we lost Paul, the Celtics would have a ton of cap room to sign other stars. Rondo still has four years left on his contract and the Celtics could build a new core around him, but he does not have a good jump shot and it is unknown if he will be as good without the big three. Chris Paul on the other hand does have a good shot and has proven that he can succeed with a less talent around him. Rondo is a fantastic player and I really like him, but he is also very sensitive. If word goes out the he is on the trading block and a trade doesn’t go through, he may react poorly and have bad season. It is unlikely, but if it is possible I think the Celtics should Trade for Chris Paul. I would also be perfectly happy sticking with Rajon Rondo.

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