Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers Stat Comparison

I got a request to do a stat comparison between Brady and Rodgers so here it is. I would also like to say that stats don’t mean everything because some things can’t be recorded in stats.

2011: Yards; Brady 3,627, Rodgers 3,475, TD’s; Brady 28, Rodgers 33, Comp%; Brady 65.8, Rodgers 71.5, Int; Brady 10, Rodgers 5; Fumbles; Brady 3, Rodgers 3, Total QBR; Brady 74.7, Rodgers 85.6.

Draft Position; Brady 199th overall in 2000 NFL draft, Rodgers 24th overall in 2005 NFL draft.

Career: Years as starter; Brady 11, Rodgers 4, Yards; Brady 38,371; Rodgers 16,198; TD’s; Brady 289, Rodgers 120, Comp%; Brady 63.8, Rodgers 65.8, Int; Brady 113, Rodgers 36, Fumbles; Brady 56, Rodgers 22, Super Bowl Victories; Brady 3, Rodgers 1.

As I said before, stats don’t show everything, including play under pressure which Brady is excellent at. Also, the last stat is the most important, Super Bowl Victories. The only important thing in football is winning. I think Brady and Rodgers are extremely close in skill, but Brady is a little bit better.

*All stats are were found on and Photo from*


4 thoughts on “Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers Stat Comparison

  1. jagdarnews says:

    you are compleatly wrong. stats mean evertything.

  2. newenglandsportsnews says:

    Stats don’t rate the players on the quality of the rest of the team, or play under pressure.

  3. jagdarnews says:

    are you kidding?! winning isn’t everything… don’t we learn this in like kindergarten? FOOTBALL IS ABOUT FUNN!!!!

  4. newenglandsportsnews says:

    Ya, in kindergarten football is about fun. Not in the NFL. Football is the players jobs!

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