Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers

Through out this NFL season, there has been a debate between who the best quarterback in the league is. The two candidates are the New England Patriots Tom Brady, and the Green-Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers. Although Aaron Rodgers is an extremely good quarterback and is 11-0, I still think Tom Brady is better. The Patriots are 8-3 this year, but the loses are mostly at the fault of our defense. The pass defense is last in the league, but they have been improving significantly throughout the past few weeks. One reason that Tom is better is because of his receiving corp. It is not because they are better than the Packers receivers, in fact they are not, but it is the fact that Tom Brady can use them. His top receivers consist of slot receiver Wes Welker, league leader in yards, 32 year old Deion Branch, and two tight ends named Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Most likely the only one who would still be a star on another squad is Rob Gronkowski. The others thrive off of Tom Brady. The Packers have super star wide receiver Greg Jennings, tight end Jermichael Finley, emerging star Jordy Nelson, and James Jones. Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley could easily thrive on another team, and possibly Jordy Nelson. I am not saying that the Patriots receivers aren’t good enough to play somewhere else, but they are built to play in the New England offense with Tom Brady. Another reason is that Brady is a two minute drill god. He almost always executes in tight situations, and we are yet to that from Aaron Rodgers, because their schedule has been much cushier than the Patriots up until now. Finally, Brady is better in the post season. Okay, maybe Aaron Rodgers won the Super Bowl last year, but Brady has won it three times. Plus even if the Packers do go undefeated, the Patriots have done that too. Aaron rodgers is a fantastic quarterback but Tom Brady is a little bit better.


9 thoughts on “Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers

  1. colby says:

    personally… i think that Rogers is a little better this year. Brady is still better throughout his career, but if Rogers keeps this up, he might become better.

  2. colby says:

    now you are talking about the team…. i’m talking about Brady. he didn’t play as good the next year is why they went like 11-5. i also think welker could play more then just pats style offence.

  3. Matt W says:

    WHAT! That was Matt Cassel! Brady played seven snaps then tore his ACL and MCL! Brady Never Played.

  4. colby says:

    sure but what about the next season brady played?

  5. Matt W says:

    They went 10-6, but Brady had just come off a major injury and surgery.

  6. colby says:

    ik but did he play better then his last year he played in… you said he is always getting better. also you should post the stats comparison between the two. that way we can know difference this year and all time….

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