Reaction: Rondo Trade Rumors

It would have been nice to see Chris Paul playing along side Paul Pierce. It would have added another person who can create his own shot, and it would take a little weight off of Pierce’s shoulders as well. I am still happy with Rondo, but he needs a better shot and free throw. Last season his free throws were at 52% and he averaged two free throws a game! His percentage needs to go up to at least 70%. I am also a little worried that the trade rumors might affect Rondo’s play next season. Rondo is a sensitive person and we all saw what happened last year when the Celtics traded his buddy Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City. I think the idea that Rondo was up for a trade will upset him, but I think Danny Ainge will handle this situation fairly well.


One thought on “Reaction: Rondo Trade Rumors

  1. colby says:

    i would never do this trade cause Rando holds the team together and creates points and turnovers. Plus rondo knows the team. GO RONDO!

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