Bobby Valentine to Red Sox

Thursday morning, the Boston Red Sox officially introduced their new manager Bobby Valentine. The decision was between Bobby and Gene Lamont, and the Red Sox went with the former Mets coach Bobby Valentine. Valentine is going to be a bit of a change for Boston who is used to Terry Francona’s quieter ways. Valentine communicates more openly and is a bit harder on the players. The Red Sox were originally interested in Dale Sveum, but he was snatched up by the Cubs before the Red Sox could get their hands on him. Bobby Valentine has a lot of work to do, after the Red Sox’s epic collapse last season.


3 thoughts on “Bobby Valentine to Red Sox

  1. toosoxy says:

    At least it won’t be boring!
    I feel a lot better about Bobby V post-presser.

  2. colby says:

    we’ll have too wait and see. don’t forget that francona did win the only two championships in he last like 100 years. he had three bad months, thats all. I’m gonna have to see if Bobby can fill in his footsteps without the bad end.

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